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We are a group of individuals who are looking to ensure that they have the right kind of help from their families to ensure that legacy is carried out right.

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CAFE Canada has made it easier for me to understand my business which had be a source of income for my family.
Jimmy P. Compton
They made sure that I have the right training when it comes to understand a business and how to take care of the business needs.
Robert C. Bergeron

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5 Hacks Cafe Canada Has adopted in 2020 to Grow!

Cafe-Canada has like many small businesses in Canada has been adversely effected throughout the pandemic and COVID-19, however we have some simple tricks we have been implementing to grow our brand and realistically get our brand growing once again. Marketing is a broad term that goes through trends today. To help you stay ahead as a business, we are going to share with you 4 digital marketing practices you need to adopt. These marketing tactics help you stay competitive in this landscape.

1) Mobile Optimization Marketing

These days, people use Smart devices such as mobile devices, tablets, and laptops to browse the internet. Mobile optimization is an important tool to reach and connect to the maximum number of organic traffic. Make sure you have a mobile-friendly web design as it drives more sales and more traffic. A lot of searched happen from mobile devices that result in more sales. A fewer consumer search for brands, services, or products on their desktop. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website design , it can turn away real traffic looking for your services on their mobile devices.

2) Social Media Marketing

One of the important marketing tools is social media. The majority of users spend much of their time on social media platforms. Internet users don’t use these platforms to connect with friends but instead, to research services and products. People are most likely to connect with brands they know through social media networks.

You should connect and engage your consumers on social media to convert leads into conversions. If you don’t do this, your competitors will take advantage of this opportunity. There are multiple ways you can use social media networks to gain new customers and promote your online business. You can share interesting and useful content on social media platforms. It helps you build your brand recognition among customers.

3) Voice Strategy

Voice strategy is one of the most common forms of integration with your customers. Most users today use voice search for interacting with brands and technology. Businesses who want to stay ahead will need to adapt to the vocal communication strategy. Voice strategy is becoming trendy for small businesses.

Optimizing your website content with high-quality keywords is one of the crucial factors. You need to optimize the keywords that appear in voice searches. You can use long-tail keywords that are in question and command format. Most of the voice searches are in the form of questions.

4) Develop a Content Strategy

One of the growing trends right now is novel content. Interactive and high-quality content helps users to connect with brands and businesses. You should produce or add quality content on your site to keep your readers engaged. Great content includes videos, images, audios as a part of your social media strategy. Video content gains more popularity in online sectors.

HedgeTrade Brings Social Trading to the Masses

HedgeTrade is a project snapping up attention at the latest Wholesale Investor conference that took place in Sydney, Australia this past week.

The project, built by Rublix, captures the interest of individuals looking to explore the phenomenon of social trading. HedgeTrade enters users into a system that provides them with trade predictions authored by ranked traders who have backed the accuracy of their predictions with HEDG tokens.

These trade predictions, known as Blueprints on the platform, are available to the public to purchase. If the prediction is correct, the information provided was good, and those who replicated the trade end up with a profit. If the trade prediction is incorrect, those who bought it receive a refund of the purchase price. 

This simply brilliant concept is making a splash in the crypto-trading world and was well received by the crowds attending this year’s event.

In addition to the trade prediction platform HedgeTrade also has built a blog to teach you the ins-and-outs of cryptocurrency, trading, blockchain technology, and much more. Some of the latest posts cover a wide range of topics from What are Mid-Cap Stocks, Cryptocurrency and Taxable Income, Best Gold ETF Picks for 2020.

Look out for HedgeTrade in the future as this project is sure to explode soon!

How can an entrepreneurial business become a family business?


Entrepreneurship is not an easy task to start off with; it does not guarantee any kind of outcomes. If it becomes a hit or a success, then the entrepreneur can have a huge sigh of relief; otherwise he/she may be in huge debt, involving himself in massive risk. Most of the times, an entrepreneur’s success is based on his family’s involvement and support. It does not only include financial but even serious moral support, which is crucial in having a positive outlook towards the same and moving towards the goal. The family support is sometimes so crucial that most of the new entrepreneurs might fail to perform or even might quit working towards, their goal.

Why does one choose to become an entrepreneur?

The main point of starting up an enterprise or a company being an entrepreneur is to make a mark in the society in both financial and social ways. An own company is like a strand of DNA which is to be carried out by mostly off springs or loved ones. It is more about the moral involvement of loved ones and support from Kith and kin, which is mostly a cause for better standing in creating a new firm or company. Financial support in the form of bond and paperwork and the legal proof has to be helped out by family members or loved ones.

History of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship can be related to olden days; wherein a kingdom had a king who would take up responsibility and be successful in completing the task and therefore gaining praise and trust from the subordinates and subjects. Entrepreneurship is no different from the concept of a kingdom hence the relation. The king would have a natural heir who would be eligible and capable enough in running the empire after his ancestor’s reign. This is the closest relationship that can be addressed to any modern-day entrepreneur about the future being taken care of by their family members or their trusted colleagues. Family members should involve in the making and the process during the startup phase and guide the entrepreneur to take the right path.

Entrepreneurship becoming a family business

The smallest of smallest examples of the same can be found in most rural cities wherein either the profession or small business is carried out by a chain of descendants from many decades or centuries. Thus have a lot of benefits like trust, which can be imbibed with the confidence of the company being run by a known person or the person who might have a special bonding to the same. Trust is difficult to be found in others than in family members. It creates a peace of mind within the person who had toiled in making the company by taking all the risks and shedding blood and sweat, experiencing hunger and other difficulties in the process. Thus, it is rightful to pass it onto the children or trusted family members who can strive to make the startup a better company in the long run.

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