5 Hacks Cafe Canada Has adopted in 2020 to Grow!

Cafe-Canada has like many small businesses in Canada has been adversely effected throughout the pandemic and COVID-19, however we have some simple tricks we have been implementing to grow our brand and realistically get our brand growing once again. Marketing is a broad term that goes through trends today. To help you stay ahead as a business, we are going to share with you 4 digital marketing practices you need to adopt. These marketing tactics help you stay competitive in this landscape.

1) Mobile Optimization Marketing

These days, people use Smart devices such as mobile devices, tablets, and laptops to browse the internet. Mobile optimization is an important tool to reach and connect to the maximum number of organic traffic. Make sure you have a mobile-friendly web design as it drives more sales and more traffic. A lot of searched happen from mobile devices that result in more sales. A fewer consumer search for brands, services, or products on their desktop. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website design , it can turn away real traffic looking for your services on their mobile devices.

2) Social Media Marketing

One of the important marketing tools is social media. The majority of users spend much of their time on social media platforms. Internet users don’t use these platforms to connect with friends but instead, to research services and products. People are most likely to connect with brands they know through social media networks.

You should connect and engage your consumers on social media to convert leads into conversions. If you don’t do this, your competitors will take advantage of this opportunity. There are multiple ways you can use social media networks to gain new customers and promote your online business. You can share interesting and useful content on social media platforms. It helps you build your brand recognition among customers.

3) Voice Strategy

Voice strategy is one of the most common forms of integration with your customers. Most users today use voice search for interacting with brands and technology. Businesses who want to stay ahead will need to adapt to the vocal communication strategy. Voice strategy is becoming trendy for small businesses.

Optimizing your website content with high-quality keywords is one of the crucial factors. You need to optimize the keywords that appear in voice searches. You can use long-tail keywords that are in question and command format. Most of the voice searches are in the form of questions.

4) Develop a Content Strategy

One of the growing trends right now is novel content. Interactive and high-quality content helps users to connect with brands and businesses. You should produce or add quality content on your site to keep your readers engaged. Great content includes videos, images, audios as a part of your social media strategy. Video content gains more popularity in online sectors.