CAFE E-Learning Center

Welcome to the CAFE E-Learning Center, your portal to comprehensive, world class family business educational courses and resources for family business members and their professional advisors. In the center you’ll find CAFE’s extensive archive of family business FORUM videos, webinars, publications, newsletters and articles, as well as the full suite of Online Education (see below for details). Note that a majority of these resources are only available to CAFE members once they login to the website. Interested in joining our Family Business Community and tapping into our resources?  Below is a listing of the resources available in the E-Learning Center:

Online Education – Full suite of licensed educational courses, videos, interactive activities and resources which CAFE has purchased that is typically marketed elsewhere to individuals for $299 per year and is therefore only available to full ‘Family’ or ‘Advisor’ members of CAFE.
PAG & CAG Resources – Download a wealth of support materials to help improve the effectiveness of your Personal Advisory Group or CAFE Advisor Group.
Webinars – View our Webinar Calendar.
Webinar Archive – If you missed one of our monthly Family Business Webinars you can watch it at your leisure. All webinars are archived here one month after being run.
Videos – Checkout YouTube videos of some of CAFE’s seminars and workshops by leading industry experts.
Articles – CAFE works with our Advisor members and educational and industry partners to post articles of interest to Family Businesses.
Publications – You’ll find valuable downloadable publications on a variety of Family Business topics.
Newsletters – Puruse e-newsletters from CAFE and the Family Business Wiki.
Family Business Books & DVDs – We have numerous books and DVDs highlighting family business stories, best practices and technical support.
Research – Check out some of the more recent research reports profiling family business.
Educational Links – We’ve compiled a list of Canadian educational institutions and Family Business Centers offering Family Business courses, education and support.
Certified Advisor Registry – If you are looking for specific business family support and information, visit our Certified Advisor Registry to find an accredited business family advisor near you.
Family Business Symposium Speaker Content – View a selection of resources provided by CAFE’s Family Business Symposium speakers.
Chapter Resources – View Chapter specific resources.